Photo Gallery

Written by Craig English on Dec 22, 2016

Painting the Door Red

In celebration of paying off our debt, we will paint our doors red! Traditionally, a red church door means that there is no more debts or loans and it also symbolizes the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ.  

Thanksgiving Eve Celebration

Ecumenical music-filled worship service with thanksgiving! 

106th Church Anniversary

“I am the church, You are the church, We are the church together….” In celebration of the church's 106th anniversary, we reflect how God has been using our church to bring His Kingdom to the town of Washington Grove and beyond. We rejoice that you have been a vessel of God through many seasons of joys and challenges.

Trunk or Treat

Washington Grove Church’s annual children’s
Trunk or Treat with lots of candy, mummy dogs, fruit juices and crafts for the kids! The Woman’s Club collected extra and leftover candy to be sent to our deployed troops. 

Laity Sunday

On Laity Sunday, we celebrate that true worship can only happen when we live it — clergy and laity — together. For without the vital ministry of the laity, we would not be The United Methodist Church. We ARE disciples called to action, living vital worship!